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Blue Note Records

Vinyl Dividers

Blue Note x WickerWoodworks Exclusive Collaboration

The Finest in Jazz meets the finest in handcrafted vinyl storage, as Blue Note Records partners with WickerWoodWorks for a unique line of vinyl record storage solutions. Each piece is handmade in Portland, Oregon and adorned with the iconic Blue Note Records logo. Turn any room into a listening room with the Blue Note x WickerWoodWorks Collection.

Individually cut from 1/8” baltic birch ply, the Vinyl Record Dividers boast elegance and durability for a lifetime of flippin'.

Choose a size -

Set of 6: A-E, F-J, K-O, P-T, U-Z

Set of 12: A-B, C-D, E-F, G-H-I, J-K, L-M, N-O, P-Q-R, S-T, U-V-W, X-Y-Z

Set of 27: Divider for each Letter

Chose a style -

Horizontal: Tabs on side of divider, letters run top to bottom

Vertical: Tabs on top of divider, letters run left to right


12" x 13" (with tab) x 1/8" (thick)

Compatible with all Blue Note Records x WickerWoodWorks exclusive storage pieces.