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Bluewerks Vol. 4: Drift Off

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Astralwerks and Blue Note Records have released the fourth installment of Bluewerks, the iconic labels’ collaborative Lo-Fi series where downtempo electronica meets jazz-infused sounds. Bluewerks Vol. 4: Drift Off is a calming collection that is a fresh reset for Fall. Arbour’s “Near Dark” sets the scene for this serene EP, which presents some of Lo-Fi’s latest and greatest artists such as Wun Two, Flughand, Ymori, SCayos, Mark Raggio and TV Culture. As we drift off into a change of season, let Bluewerks bring the coming Autumn months into focus with a sense of calm and hope.


  1. “Drift Off (Prelude)”
  2. Arbor – “Near Dark”
  3. Wun Two – “Nella Laguna”
  4. Flughand feat. obrabts – “Brue”
  5. Ymori – “Summer Is Coming”
  6. SCayos feat. azayaka – “Starry Meadows”
  7. Mark Raggio – “Drifting”
  8. TV Culture – “Grenadilla”