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Blue Note Records

Thelonius Monk - Genius of Modern Music Vol. 2 Framed Canvas Wall Art

Blue Note Records has produced legendary albums that have captured the zeitgeist of the jazz scene since 1939 with equally iconic album cover design. Predominantly designed by Reid Miles with photography by Francis Wolff throughout the 1950s and 1960s, they are now considered among the finest examples of album art ever created.


Bring the look of Blue Note home with these archival-quality, framed canvas prints of your favorite albums including Thelonious Monk’s Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 2, a 12” collection of the idiosyncratic pianist and composer’s earliest recordings as a leader including enduring compositions including “Straight No Chaser,” “Four In One,” and “Monk’s Mood.”


Choose your size: 22"x22", 32"x32", or 42"x42”.

Choose your frame: White or Black