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  • Tom Misch - What Kinda Music
  • Tom Misch - What Kinda Music
  • Tom Misch - What Kinda Music

Blue Note Records

Tom Misch - What Kinda Music

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What Kinda Music is an astonishing collaboration between two artists of very different disciples, and one of the most unique and seamlessly original projects of its ilk to date. It is released via Blue Note - one of the most legendary music labels around, and one known for moving the needle of jazz through the decades.


  1. What Kinda Music
  2. Festival
  3. Nightrider (feat Freddie Gibbs)
  4. Tidal Wave
  5. Sensational
  6. The Real
  7. Lift Off (feat Rocco Palladino)
  8. I Did It For You
  9. Last 100
  10. Kyiv
  11. Julie Mangos
  12. Storm Before The Calm (feat Kaidi Akinnibi)