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Wayne Shorter - "Emanon" Box Set

Featuring a triple-album and its companion piece - a self-penned, 84-page graphic novel - Wayne Shorter’s Emanon is the definitive look into his artistic multiverse. The standard three-CD set includes four studio tracks performed by Shorter’s quartet (pianist Danilo Perez, bassist John Patitucci and drummer Brian Blade) and the expansive, 34-piece Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, in addition to a 6 track live album featuring the quartet itself.

Venture into the SIGNED deluxe boxset and all of that is accompanied by an expertly crafted box and three 180-gram vinyl discs. In her introduction, Esperanza Spalding writes: “After reading and listening to Emanon, you might begin to notice alternative realities glimmering beneath the everyday world around you.”


The Wayne Shorter Quartet With Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
1. Pegasus
2. Prometheus Unbound
3. Lotus
4. The Three Marias

The Wayne Shorter Quartet Live In London
1. The Three Marias
2. Lost And Orbits Medley

The Wayne Shorter Quartet Live In London
1. Lotus
2. She Moves Through The Fair
3. Adventures Aboard The Golden Mean
4. Prometheus Unbound