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Charles Lloyd - Trio of Trios Signed Box Set

Charles Lloyd has long been a free spirit, master musician, and visionary. For more than 6 decades the legendary saxophonist and composer has loomed large over the music world, and at 84 years old he remains at the height of his powers and as prolific as ever. As a sound seeker, Lloyd’s restless creativity has perhaps found no greater manifestation than on his latest masterwork Trio of Trios, an expansive project that encompasses three albums, each a deft change of musical context that presents him in a different trio setting. The first album in the series, Trios: Chapel (out June 24, 2022), features guitarist Bill Frisell and bassist Thomas Morgan. The second, Trios: Ocean (out September 23, 2022), features guitarist Anthony Wilson and pianist Gerald Clayton. The third, Trios: Sacred Thread (out November 18, 2022), features guitarist Julian Lage and percussionist Zakir Hussain.

The Trio of Trios 3-LP vinyl boxset is available exclusively on the Blue Note Store (U.S. only). The set includes all three albums and comes in a hardcover slipcase along with four lithographic prints featuring the cover artwork of each album and a signed lithograph that features the box set artwork. Customers who order will receive the slipcase, lithographic print set, and Trios: Chapel LP with the subsequent LPs delivered upon their release.


Trios: Chapel

A1: Blood Count ( Billy Strayhorn ) 7:21
A2: Song My Lady Sings ( C. Lloyd ) 8:57
A3: Ay Amor ( Villa Fernandez Ignacio Jacinto (aka Bola de Nieve) 7:14
Hadem Music Corp. (ASCAP)

B1: Beyond Darkness ( C. Lloyd ) 9:46
B2: Dorotea’s Studio ( C. Lloyd ) 12:16

Trios: Ocean

A1: The Lonely One (Lloyd) 12:16
A2: Hagar and the Inuits (Lloyd) 8:46

B1: Jaramillo Blues (For Virginia Jaramillo and Danny Johnson) 10:01
B2: Isa Wind (Lloyd) 10:03

Trios: Sacred Thread

A1: Desolation Sound 3:19
A2: Guman 9:24
A3: Nachekita's Lament 1:53
A4: Saraswati 4:12

B1: Kuti 7:53
B2: Tales of Rumi 8:47
B3: The Blessing 3:19

Lithograph dimensions: 12.25" x 12.25"

Slipcase dimensions: 12+1/2” x 12+23/32” x 1+1/8”