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Ron Carter and Danny Simmons - The Brown Beatnik Tomes - Live at BRIC House

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A unique and powerful collaboration between the artist and poet Danny Simmons and legendary jazz bassist Ron Carter. This live recording from BRIC House in Brooklyn captured Simmons reading poetry from his collection of prose The Brown Beatnik Tomes with projections of his own striking Abstract Expressionist paintings providing the stage backdrop while Carter performed solo accompaniment along with instrumental interludes from his fleet trio.

Track listing:                 

  1. For A Pistol (Live)
  2. The Final Stand Of Two Dick Willie (Live)
  3. Feeling It Coming On  (Live)
  4. Tender (Live)
  5. Here’s To Oscar (Live)
  6. Where Do I Begin (Live)
  7. There Will Never Be Another You (Live)
  8. The Jigaboo Waltz (Live)
  9. The Brown Beatnik Tomes (Live)